Tissue culture

Vitro Westland is a specialist in tissue culture.  Tissue culture is a method to rapidly propagate plants under sterile conditions. This technique is used to quickly produce large numbers of plants of both new and existing varieties.

The tissue culture process

Tissue culture is basically a form of ‘cutting’, except that all factors are manually stimulated. For example, only the growing point of the plants is planted and the conditions under which the plants are planted are artificially optimized. The plants are grown in a laboratory in containers with specially prepared nutrient-rich soil and are subsequently stored in an optimal environment. The propagation is stimulated through this artificial influence. New ‘cuttings’ are continuously generated, can be split every 4-8 weeks and subsequently planted as a new growing points. Through this method the number of plants increases exponentially and forms Vitro Westland’s end product; the young plants are purchased by nurseries in plastic containers with 20 plants, for example. The plants are acclimatized and hardened at the nursery , after which the final perennial plants, potted plants, cut flowers, or bulbous plants are grown.

There are different methods of tissue culture (for example the auxiliary method, the somatic embryogenesis, and the meristem culture) and we use the most fitting method dependent on the type of crop.

Completely sterile

It is very important for the quality of the end product that the complete process and all accompanying actions occur in a sterile manner. Naturally, Vitro Westland observes all regulations in this field: this guarantees that the end product always complies with the highest quality standards.

Nursery in Poland

In addition to our laboratories in Poland, we have our own nursery. Thanks to this nursery we can offer you the tissue culture in various stages of growth. For example, it is possible to purchase our tissue culture products in stage 3 (directly from the lab).

Tissue culture for the free market and on contractual basis

Our tissue culture is focused on the sale of crops on the free market, but we also produce in accordance with specific client requests. For example, we offer a wide range of crops of which we are the license holder or which are not (or no longer) protected by plant breeder’s rights. Furthermore, we can create a tissue culture for a unique plant and, upon request, propagate, root, and cultivate this.