Vitro Westland-Tissue culture specialist

Vitro Westland is a specialist in tissue culture. We supply the global market with various tissue culture products – including perennial plants, potted plants, cut flowers, and bulbous plants – from our subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Poland, and Turkey.

Sales on the free market as well as customized production

We produce tissue culture of varieties that we are the license holder of as well as varieties already released and customized varieties at special request. In this way we are able to supply our clients with hundreds of varieties of many types of crops and simultaneously supply fully customized orders by propagating, rooting, and cultivating plants.

From rooted cuttings to fully cultivated and hardened plugs

We have our own specialized nursery at our subsidiary in Poland. Therefore, our end product can be supplied in various sizes; from tissue culture product as rooted cutting to a fully cultivated and hardened plug.

Globally valued tissue culture products

Our tissue culture products are supplied globally, from Europe to South America and from North America to Japan. Vitro Westland distinguishes itself with the end product thanks to a good price/ quality ratio, a high level of service, and our own research laboratories. The latter are available to test your plants for specific diseases.

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